Azure and AWS Services

By using our Azure cloud computing tool, you’ll get a flexible cloud platform, service hosting, service management, host web applications, and data storage. And AWS solution secures cloud platform, offers computing performance, content delivery, and great functionality.

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services and this is a platform that sets flexibility, reliability, scalability, easy-to-use, and cost-effectiveness for cloud computing solutions. We have the platform which is developed with a combination of infrastructure as a service (PaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and packaged software as a service (Saas) offerings.

Our private cloud solution offers almost the same functionality as the public cloud, but the data and services are managed by the firm or by the third party only for the customer’s company.

Our AWS Services:

  • Developer and management equipment
  • Database and storage solutions
  • Tools for growing productivity
  • App Integration and Compute
  • Elastic Compute Cloud
  • LightSail & EKS (Elastic Container service for Kubernetes)

Our Azure Services:

  • Game and application design
  • Scalable data Warehousing
  • Blockchain technology
  • IoT integration
  • Big data and predictive analytics
  • Amazon Glacier
  • Amazon Elastic Block Store

Our Security Services


Our expertise might distribute a solution if you want to install it on your virtual machine that researches security vulnerabilities.

Certificate Manager

These outstanding services provide Free SSL certificates for your domains that are balanced by Route53.

Web Application Firewall

We have a WAF security solution that offers application-level
protection and permits you to block SQL injection and guides you to block cross-site scripting attacks.

Cloud Directory

The benefit of this service allows you to make flexible, cloud-native directories for adjusting hierarchies of data along with several dimensions.

Services for Database Management

The generation of data takes place according to the formats. That’s why we have an easy-to-use strategy to keep the database of such data safe. You might handle structured and unstructured data by using our AWS and Azure IT solutions that provide valuable database services. If you want a smart database, then the AWS system provides a wide range of smart environments for big data.

Make a Consistent Hybrid Environment

As you know Amazon Web Services for creating and deploying hybrid cloud solutions is a widely used tool. So, we also make a more consistent experience with Azure than AWS by applying basic identity, management, security, and development equipment.

Easy Accessibility of Information

Our cloud-based IT technology allows you to register yourself in the cloud that you access your account from anywhere around the earth offered there is an internet connection at that location. A lot of different storage and security systems vary with the account type chosen.

Design with Unfitted Intelligence

We Innovate applications with built-in intelligence by accomplishing a breadth of AI tools that you’d only see in Azure. Create and deploy customized AI models at scale, simply deploy intelligence at the edge, and add cognitive APIs to deliver your apps that might see, hear, speak, search and analyze.

Networking Services

The most useful for generating an isolated network under the cloud umbrella is Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Plus, private IP address ranges, Network Gateways, Subnets, Route Tables, or other aspects are possible for users to make strong networks.

Microsoft Azure Virtual Network will work in tandem with your VPC to perform all operations within the VPC. You will get fantastic solutions with these vendors to extend the on-premise data centre within the cloud and firewall needs.

Web, Mobile, and Social APPs

TechHeights believes that one service that differentiates cloud services from AWS is the launch and stability of mobile, e-commerce, and SaaS applications. Therefore, our AWS IT experts are able to develop uncompromisingly scalable mobile apps without demanding any OS and other systems they just need API-drive code on AWS.

Let’s know the key difference between AWS services and Azure services:

  • Azure offers express routes but AWS provides a direct connection.
  • Azure offers security when permission is approved on the whole account while AWS security is offered to utilize explained contributions with permission control functionality.
  • Azures devices are grouped into cloud services and respond to the same domain name with different ports while the AWS device might be accessed differently.
  • AWS and Azure support hybrid cloud but Azure supports hybrid cloud better.
  • Azure has a virtual network cloud but AWS is developed with Virtual Private Cloud.


Instead of going through all your technical IT challenges, hand it over to us as we have IT Managed, Office 365 Migration, and Azure & AWS services to solve any typical difficulties you may have. You only have to trust our IT experts and we will provide you a better result.