Managed Security Assessment

To identify, minimize, evaluate, physical security threats, eradicate information, we have a talented cyber security assessment and IT-managed Security risk assessment team.

TechHeights has the latest cyber security assessment services to provide any business with a comprehensive risk, threat, and cyber-attack vulnerability assessment. To reduce the risks from the physical environment, human element, and data, we have a multidisciplinary approach to analyze the security from every position on a technology basis.

Our IT security assessment and cyber security assessment services identify and redress the root causes and attacking factors of known security gaps in a company’s technology environments and employee practices. This operation is conducted by our most experienced cyber security assessment experts to execute cyber security plans accurately or effectively.

Our security planning doesn’t avoid risk and vulnerabilities in fact, we clearly understand and measure cyber security by testing their efficacy instantly undermines the strength of your security. TechHeights is a complete service of a technology security assessment, environmental, and human assessment. Penetration testing, Social Engineering, Configuration Testing & Writing information Security Assessment are our certain basic cyber security assessment services


TechHeights Managed Security Assessment Services Benefits

By using our cyber Security assessment services, your organization might discover its weak points within its critical assets and also decide an instant action to correct them before cyber hackers or attackers track them to sabotage your business or steal your confidential data.

  • Advanced technologies and IoT Security Assessment
  • Presence of Transportation Systems Security Assessment
  • Great payment security assessment solutions
  • Application Security Assessment
  • Penetration Testing, Social Engineering & Configuring Testing
  • Understand your business’ core
  • Analysis of Cyber Security Assessment
  • Vulnerability assessment and Penetration Testing

Plus, our highly dedicated team at TechHeights also delivers CIOs and IT sector heads of our clients with prioritized, concentrated graphs of quick action that allows clients to mitigate and block new and latest cyber-crimes.

Advanced Strategies of TechHeights Against High Powerful Adversarial Tactics

  • Our TechHeights Security Officers apply the MITRE ATT & CIS Critical Security Controls and other efforts.
  • A monitored program that runs 24/7 comprehensively
  • A capturing technique of contact to find out the resolution for any security Concern
  • TechHeights Threat specialists utilize threat intelligence powered by Industry-leading platforms including Microsoft, OSINT, MISP, and others.
  • With 5-10 years of experience, our threat specialists might secure huge and hard IT infrastructures and apply quickly actionable functionalities of leading industry tools along with TechHeights Security tools.
  • A great track record in managing and deploying robust SIEM that allows companies to proactively discover vulnerabilities and automate, accelerate Incident Response.

SOC and Incidence Response (IR)

The CIA stands for Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability which is ensured by the High-tech Incidence Response IR team. The CIA isn’t breached and no data has been altered. Particularly, we build a specific IR management team to deploy the cyber kill chain model in their checklists and point out the cyber-attacks.

Our Threat experts allow you to understand any suspicious or weird issues and mitigate them before any critical incident takes place. TechHeights curbs any present incident and uses outstanding strategies to resolve any open vulnerability that will badly affect the attack chain and eliminate the chance of cyber threats.

Services of Software Security Assessment

Many activities of companies are still accomplished through software, but only in those organizations in which there is no majority. We ensure the security of your hosting and communications as well as the security of your software management. Our Software asset management specialists will ensure audit security of your off-the-shelf software by checking out that your licenses are compliant with original vendor requirements. So in addition to this, our specialists will also evaluate your software so that your software is up-to-date in terms of builds and/or security patches.

Network Security Assessment

We test the security of IT networks and some elements related to network connections such as virtual private networks, hosting. You can assign us the responsibility of checking your email, messages, and other communications so that we can tell you how they are working for you. You may need to check the integrity of your physical IT security, in which case contact our IT consultant. Our task is to investigate and resolve access to your on-premise IT systems (controlled or uncontrolled)

Assess Internal Operations

You’re administrative, physical, and technical safeguards also require examining in your Assess internal operations. We assess your identity management efforts, access control procedures and segmentation (analyse how you are limiting access to data, suggest improvements).
In other words, Our Cyber Security professionals understand vulnerabilities within your network chain because of inadvertent or deliberate user security breaches.

SIEM Services

TechHeights offers these kinds of services in analyzing, monitoring, collecting, and recording security events or incidents in a real-time IT environment. To provide a comprehensive and standard view of the security Scenario of an IT infrastructure, we produce Security incident & event Management services on the following basis:

  • Develop highly effective threat management in the matter of producing detailed data access and user actionable reports.
  • Generates across Cloud environments
  • Creates real-time presence to the whole IT environment for threat detection and prioritization.
  • Removes and prioritizes alerts to concern about security analyst investigations on an activities list of suspected, more probability incidents.
  • Deliver smart consoles to produce strong security intelligence services in an effective way.

Hardware Security Assessment

Whatever device you use like laptop, mobile, or router, this will be the easiest way for hackers to hack your business data.

We will test your device management efforts using these techniques:
  • Is your company the right way to implement current and future policies?
  • Do you use a tool to locate your lost or stolen device?
  • Do you actually run into problems with the methods to access your company’s sensitive data and applications?

At TechHeights, the professionals will identify the management of your laptops, workplaces, servers, and routers to check out whether firewalls, up-to-date security patches, and hardware-level encryption are in place.


If you need a good understanding of your Cyber security posture, managed security assessment, Network security assessment, or other needs, contact our Managed Security assessment IT environment specialists now.