How Safe Are Managed IT Services For Your Organization’s Safety?

How Safe Are Managed IT Services For Your Organization’s Safety?

For the last couple of years, providers offering Managed IT Services in Riverside have become prevalent among small and large businesses. After all, everyone wants a professional helping hand capable of taking care of their day-to-day IT needs. And while there are various benefits of hiring these services, one can wonder – are these Managed IT Service providers safe for their organization’s safety? Yes, they are!

Today, we are here to discuss why we think you can rely upon these experts for safety. So let’s get started!

Reasons Why Such Services Providers Are Safe For Your Organization

We cannot say that all IT service providers will be safe. But most of these are considered very professional and secure while handling an organization’s security and IT needs.

Here are some of the reasons. Read on!

  • Firstly, whenever you think an IT service provider might be unsafe for your organization, it is necessary to remember that all these MSPs have multiple cybersecurity layers. And most of the time, their security system is much more secure than the system your company is using right now. So you do not have to worry about your information being leaked to a third party or hacked.

These levels of cybersecurity include various applications, firewalls, and more for the constant monitoring and protection of important and sensitive data.

  • Data hacking, application failures, or complete network collapse can affect any organization. And the repercussions of these failures can be catastrophic. If you engage an external company to address your IT needs, they will take care of every aspect, including backing up and syncing data to ensure minimum downtime. Experts plan and implement several useful tools to help businesses recover from a malicious cyberattack and tech disaster.
  • Top-notch and upgraded technology systems help businesses achieve operational efficiencies and improved productivity. No matter the extent of your business and what computer or network system your firm uses, after some time, IT equipment will require upgrades, maintenance, and repair to ensure continuous workflow. Tech experts employ reliable, proactive solutions to keep your systems and network running at optimum levels.


While we ensure that IT services in Santa Ana will be safe for your organization, we always suggest choosing someone experienced and reliable. These factors will contribute to their professionalism and ensure that they take your organization’s safety very seriously.

We suggest checking an IT service provider’s online reputation before hiring them for the best results. Check out their social media pages, LinkedIn profile, and Google reviews. These reviews will tell you whether other customers found them safe and reliable.


Thus, we can conclude that a managed IT services provider is safe for your organization’s safety. Moreover, experienced professionals take their jobs seriously and will not disappoint you. So what are you waiting for? Outsource your company’s IT handlings today. We, TechHeights, have been in the business for many years and have helped many businesses flourish with the best IT support. Whether you need complete network installations, system maintenance & upgrades, network security & compliance, or cloud services in Orange County, we can help. Call (888) 600-6070 for a free assessment

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CMMC: A Mini Introductory Guide

CMMC: A Mini Introductory Guide

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is a security protocol program devised by the U. S. Department of Defense (DoD) back in 2019. It is a certification process that lays out a contractor’s safety essentials.

Stats suggested that more than 65000 companies would have to comply with such certification in the forthcoming years. Therefore, having experienced IT Support, Irvine, is imperative, looking at its emerging importance.

CMMC is an assortment and a kind of addition to extant regulations. However, International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) will remain a distinct certification from CMMC – however, ITAR Compliant firms will also mandate to abide by CMMC.

CMMC Notables

  • Generically, there are five levels of the security maturity process rising from ascending order.
  • Unlike NIST, there is no self-evaluation. Therefore firms require to get authorized through qualified IT Services Irvine
  • Any firm that presently performs business with DoD will comply with CMMC – and that signifies direct DoD contractors and high-level CMMC firms’ supply chains should also adhere to, at minimum, ground-level essentials.
  • DoD would publicize all contractor’s certification level essentials.

Does CMMC influence my Firm?

This is readily responded with a 2-part query:

1) Is your firm a direct contractor to the DoD, or

2) Does your firm make a trade with a contractor to the DoD* firm?

If you replied “yes” to contest 1, your firm would require to be CMMC compliant. Likewise, if you replied “yes” to the second one, your firm will probably require CMMC compliance.

5 Levels CMMC

  • Level 1 – “Basic Cyber Hygiene”

This includes meeting the requirements of 48 CFR 52.204-21, antivirus, and more.

  • Level 2 – “Intermediate Cyber Hygiene”

This involves risk management, abiding by documented SOP, setting up Back-Up / Disaster Recovery (BDR), and furnishing user awareness and training.

  • Level 3 – “Good Cyber Hygiene”

This includes Multi-factor Authentication of the systems, security compliance with all NIST SP 800-171 Rev 1, and building security to fend against Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

  • Level 4 – “Proactive”

Level four includes network segmentation, mobile device inclusion, chamber detonation, use of DLP technologies, and more. It even comprises of setting up adequate security and embracing tactics and procedures.

  • Level 5 – “Advanced / Progressive”

Level 5 is all about device authentication, cyber maneuver operations, and organization-wide standardized implementation of security protocols. It even concerns 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) Operation and real-time assets tracking.

The most important thing about CMMC is that it requires certification from a licensed 3rd-party CMMC company, unlike NIST. Presently, most organizations can self-certify for DoD-related securities. However, it is still better to hire Managed IT Services in Irvine to ensure all needed requirements are duly met.

Final Words

So, do you have any queries related to CMMC? Or are you looking for help to efficiently make a way out? Or are you facing any other cybersecurity, compliance, or data issues? If yes, reach out to TechHeights today!

5 Reasons to Provide Live Chat Tech Support in Orange County

5 Reasons to Provide Live Chat Tech Support in Orange County

Many organizations assume that providing live chat while offering tech support in Orange County is a choice. But we think it’s a necessity. How? Let’s take an example. Imagine walking into a grocery store and finding no support staff to help you find the stuff you need. Sounds horrible, right? In such a situation, a customer will just go to another store and the first grocery store will lose a customer. The case is the same in tech support. If the customer can’t reach a qualified person to resolve a glitch instantly, you will lose a customer.

If you are still not convinced on why offering live chat as a part of tech support in Orange County is essential then the below-mentioned points might help you.

    • Quicker Option

Live chat is a quicker option for the customer to reach you and for you to reach the customer. When you have a chat session with the customer, you can not only solve their IT glitches, but you can also sell your services to the customers. You can also get their approval to buy a service much quicker than an email because the decision-making process is quite fast when the customer is getting quick service.

    • No Wait Times

Live chat while providing tech support in Orange County is also essential because it lets your customers get the answers they need without waiting. Unlike a call, they don’t have to wait for a tech support provider to get some advice. It’s the opposite, the tech expert can resolve multiple issues at once and the time needed to solve a problem is just a few minutes.

    • One Time Deal

Customers don’t like to repeat their problem repeatedly, and while using live chat, they don’t have to. Even if a problem is not solved by one expert, the other can come in, read the issue in the chat box and offer a solution without even the need to consult the first expert. It makes your tech support in Orange County more efficient.

    • No Disturbance

A benefit of using live chat for providing tech support in Orange County is that the customer can avail it at any time of day or night without disturbing the people in his or her household (which might happen on a phone call). The email also assures no disturbance, but it’s not that quick as a customer might have to wait for 24 hours to get a response.

    • Easy Record Keeping

Finally, live chat is a useful tool for a company as well as the customer because every conversation is recorded at both ends and this conversation can be accessed if a similar problem occurs in the future. Easy record keeping also helps a company to exactly count the time taken to resolve the issue by eliminating time spent in pleasantries.

Are you aware of more cool reasons to provide live chat during tech support in Orange County? Do let us know in the comments below!

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Tech Support in Orange County with Certified Professionals | TechHeights

Tech Support in Orange County with Certified Professionals | TechHeights

Imagine you are running a successful business, clients keep coming in and you have a lot of work to do but your IT system crashes or hangs over and over again. Won’t you feel frustrated? Won’t you ask yourself why didn’t you set aside some money to pay for quality tech support in Orange County? If so, it’s time to save yourself from such an annoying situation and hire tech support in Orange County so your business can run smoothly for long without any IT glitches. Here are a few reasons why hiring tech support in Orange County by trusting a company like TechHeights is a smart move.

Same Day Service

When you retain a tech support service provider, you will not have to waste time in hunting up an expert and then wait for the expert to come in and solve the problem. The experts will be at your beck and call. In most cases, you will get the same day service and the issue might be resolved in a few minutes.

Stretching Your Dollars

If you hire a trustworthy, reliable and ethical company for tech support in Orange County where clients are always given the first priority, you will get to save a few bucks. The company people will know of cheap & reliable ways of fixing your IT issues and they will not offer overpriced solutions that may ruin your budget.

Cost-Effective Solutions

A team of IT experts would also offer multiple packages and you will have the power to pick the one that suits you best. Thanks to these package options, you will pay for only the services you really need and you won’t pay for a service you don’t need or want.

Size Doesn’t Matter

While seeking tech support in Orange County, you should hire a firm that has a lot of experience and relevant certifications. It will ensure that they have the capacity to solve a problem of any magnitude in a flawless manner. A good company offering these services would also be happy to pay you a visit regarding simplest problems without making a fuss about it.

Business Enhancement

Finally, when you opt for the right kind of tech support in Orange County, you will get some invaluable advice from the IT professionals on how you can enhance your IT Infrastructure to meet the current and future needs of your end-users and the clients. There will usually be no pressure to enhance the technologies but if you follow some of the suggestions, your business will be future-ready.

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How you can leverage cloud services infrastructure to reduce IT costs?

How you can leverage cloud services infrastructure to reduce IT costs?

Let’s start by talking what exactly is “the cloud” and is it mature enough to run your IT?
Computing as a service over the internet is referred as cloud computing or simply “the cloud”. In this cloud you can run your business applications and software.
Cloud services have always been there in one form or the other. The easy example would be email services offered by providers like Yahoo and Gmail. These type of services have really picked up as the internet providers are able to provide high speed internet bandwidth cost effectively to the businesses.


Here is how small business can benefit from it:
1. Applications and data is available from any connected workstation – business or home
2. Zero capital costs – No need to upgrade or buy new servers
3. No data loss if your computer breaks since the application and data are in the cloud
4. Reduction in IT staff

Reinvest your money back in your business rather than investing it in Servers and Upgrades.
Let us help you save IT costs and reinvest it back in your business… where it belongs.

Why HIPAA and PCI Compliance are Important for Small Businesses

Why HIPAA and PCI Compliance are Important for Small Businesses

Many small businesses probably do not pay much attention to HIPPA and PCI compliance. Many feel it is a hood effort, complicated and not very important. parental locks However, compliance with data security standards can bring your business major benefits, while failure to comply can bring your business serious and negative long-term consequences.

Benefits of Compliance

Compliance with the set standards means that your systems are secure and that your customers can trust your business with their sensitive information. This trust gives customers confidence in doing business with you that will likely result in repeat business in the future. These satisfied customers are also more likely to recommend your services to others. Compliance will not only improve your reputation with your customers, but also potential business partners.

Through your efforts to comply with standards, you will be better prepared to comply with other regulations that you encounter in the future. You will also have a basis for a corporate security strategy and be able to identify ways you can improve the efficiency of your IT infrastructure.
It is important to remember that compliance is an on-going process, not a one-time shot. Because compliance continues to evolve, you will know that if you are in compliance you are doing everything in your power to prevent a security breach and theft of your customers’ payment information. Data thieves are becoming more and more sophisticated, posing a threat to those who do not stay on top of their security. HIPPA and PCI work constantly to monitor threats and improve the industry’s means of dealing with these thieves through enhancement and updates of the standards. By being compliant, you are becoming part of the solution in fighting these thieves.

Cons of Not Complying

If you chose not to comply with the standards, you can have your customer’s data compromised. This does not leave you with happy consumers, merchants or financial institutions. A single incident can severely damage your business’s reputation which will have a negative impact on your ability to conduct business effectively. You also face the possibility of lawsuits, insurance claims, lost business, payment card issuer fines and even government fines.

Because you have worked so hard to build your business, do not let it go to waste by failing to comply with HIPPA and/or PCI standards. Luckily, the team at TechHeights is here to make the process simple. We can ensure you are in compliance and that you stay in compliance. Give us a call today to find out more.