Cyber-attacks have become a common occurrence in organizations across the world. More and more firms are becoming its victims. Even President Trump has been quoted saying that “Cyber theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States by far.” In this case study, we will have a look at how the cyber security attacks are costing billions, how the cost of cyber security will rise in the next few years and how can a company prevent these attacks by hiring tech support in Orange County.

The Cost of Ransomware

One of the most dangerous cyber-attack has been the use of Ransomware which is a malware that infects a computer device and blocks file access by a user. It also threatens of permanent data destruction unless a user pays a hefty ransom amount. This malware has been growing swiftly in the last few years.
Microsoft has stated that in 2015, the damages for Ransomware cost around USD 325 Million. Then it cost USD 1 Billion annually in 2016. And as per Cisco 2017 Annual Cyber Security Report, this malicious malware is growing at a yearly rate of 350 percent.

Case study of ransomeware Attack

Case study of Ransomware Attack

Email Spams are Increasing

In 2016, about 40 percent of spam emails had malware links to Ransomware. There was an increase of 6,000 percent when compared to 2015. In 2015, less than one percent email Spams had Ransomware.

Need for Better Security

Ransomware lets criminals monetize a breach quickly with Bitcoin. To prevent paying up the money, businesses need to improve basics like patching, and they need to make use of cognitive security tools that detect attacks with greater precision and at a faster rate. A good provider of tech support in Orange County can help in both, implementing basic security and making use of cognitive security tools.

Increasing Cost of Ransomware

Experts predict that the damage cost of Ransomware will go beyond USD 5 billion in 2017 which is 15 times more than it was in 2015. These costs include costs associated with data destruction, downtime, employee training, post attack disruption and lost productivity. Many people wrongly believe that the biggest cost associated with Ransomware is the money paid by individuals or businesses to get their data back. But the fact is the number of individuals or businesses paying a ransom is declining due to the efforts of law enforcement officials and cyber security experts. In fact, ransom payouts are now among the least of all damage cost contributors.

WannaCry Attack

Each business must hire a cyber security expert like a provider of tech support in Orange County because of the fact that the new threat, WannaCry is still at large. It is the largest attack of its kind that proved that hackers consider Ransomware a lucrative business that generates instant results. Experts believe that WannaCrypt might be responsible for about 20 percent of the total Ransomware damage costs in the year 2017.

Real Incidents

There is an increasing need to hire a cyber security team like a provider of tech support in Orange County because organizations are suffering drastically. Last year, the Locky strain of Ransomware hit the Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital in LA. The hospital had to shut down its computer devices and pay USD 17,000 as ransom. As healthcare organizations are considered as a prime target of Ransomware attacks, it is believed that they will grow four times by 2020.

Disney’s Data Destruction Danger

Another incident that was much popular recently is the data destruction danger faced by Disney as Disney CEO, Bob Iger reportedly paid a big number of Bitcoins to Ransomware hackers to recover Pirates of the Caribbean sequel. The first few episodes generated USD 3.75 billion at the box office.

Data as a Weapon

There was a time when hackers used to target only the financial information of the people. But now they are using data as a weapon and using anything that can get them money, be it healthcare data or even movies. To stop the hackers from using confidential or copyrighted data, organizations need to boost their defenses by hiring companies that offer tech support in Orange County.

A Key Tactic 

You should start making your defenses strong by training your employees on how to spot cyber attacks. A good provider of tech support in Orange County will train your employees on how to avoid spear phishing attacks as 91 percent of attacks done by sophisticated cyber criminals begin with an email. When employees know how to spot fishy emails and why not share credentials, it empowers the organization against cyber-attacks. When right training is given by the right people at the right time workforce susceptibility to phishing can decline by over 40 percent. Updates and enhancements to cyber security are other common ways of deflecting cyber-attacks.

Automation of Crime

Organizations and individuals also need to stay aware of Ransomware because it lets criminals to automate their attacks completely. Automation of crime is the worst thing that can happen to the world today as it boosts the profits of international organized crime syndicates.

The Cost Paid by Victims

It is a fact that Ransomware victims have paid over USD 25 million in ransoms over the last two years according to Google researchers. But the cost goes way beyond the dollars. A worth mentioning victim was the largest public radio station in San Francisco that was locked up by a brutal Ransomware attack. The producers were forced to depend on paper scripts and mechanical stopwatches.

The Future

A prediction made by Cyber security Ventures says that cyber-crime will cost the world excess of USD 6 trillion annually by 2021. It was just USD 3 trillion in 2015. Experts also believe that Ransomware will worsen and comprise of a larger share of the total cyber crime by the year 2021. Another report by the organization that will be out in November 2017 will provide Ransomware damage cost predictions for a 5-year period from 2017 to 2021. The global cyber security spending will go beyond USD 1 trillion from 2017 to 2021. The cyber security spending on products and services was reported to be USD 80 billion in 2016, according to Gartner. It’s unclear whether the cost includes total consumer spending on security and accounting of IoT device protection. The demand for cyber security experts like providers of tech support in Orange County is continually rising. It will reach 3.5 million by 2021. Nowadays, every IT worker needs to be involved in protecting data, devices, apps, infrastructure, and people. The demand for real experts is continually rising, a result of which is the unemployment rate of cyber security has dropped to zero percent. Microsoft estimates that by 2020, 4 billion people will be online which is a cause of worry as new technology enthusiasts are often the most preferred targets for cyber criminals. By seeing this data, we agree wholeheartedly with the statement made by Ginni Rometty, IBM’s chairman, president, and CEO. She said that cyber-crime is the greatest threat to every company in the world.

An Unexpected Threat

In June 2017, companies across about 64 nations became victims of a cyber-attack known as Petya that encrypted the hard drives of over 2,000 victims. This attack was so popular because it exploited the same security flaw that allowed the Ransomware WannaCry to infect over 300,000 PCs around the globe in May this year. It means that Petya could have been avoided if companies had worked on patching their security.



Need to Do More

This instance says that organizations across the world need to come clear on why they were targeted and which flaw was misused by the hackers. It will help in preventing future attacks. Some organizations have already opted for this route. For instance, the US Department of Health and Human services issued guidance in 2016 that directed hospitals to report Ransomware attacks. If all the organizations do the same, then the tactics adopted by the attackers can be identified, and future attacks can be prevented. But hoping for all organizations across the globe to report a threat or attack is something of a stretch. The best an organization can do is to improve its security by hiring a cyber security expert from a company providing tech support in Orange County. You should know that preventing attacks like Ransomware is not just about ticking a cyber security checklist; it’s also about ensuring that you evolve IT security strategies with time. Read on to know more on this.

How to Prevent Cyber Attacks?

As the owner or manager of a modern organization be it a profit making MNC or a small company involved in social work, you should know that ransomware is a huge risk that can be prevented only by taking a few pragmatic steps listed right here.

Identify Vulnerabilities

The first thing you need to do is to conduct a thorough review of the IT vulnerabilities of your organization. In case you don’t have an in-house expert, you can hire a provider of tech support in Orange County to do the vulnerability check. After identifying the threats, you need to ensure that the vulnerabilities are removed so that no threats can enter or harm the IT infrastructure.

Spot the Threats

After you have ensured that your IT infrastructure is as strong as it can be, you need to develop systems and practices that help in identifying the threats. You need to train all the employees to identify the threats and report something fishy to the IT experts like providers of tech support in Orange County.

Prepare for the Worst

An IT advice shared by all the experts in one voice is that you should create backups of all the data available in your organization on a regular basis. It will ensure that even if Ransomware threatens your organization, you will not lose all the data and won’t have to pay millions to the cyber criminals.

Apart from creating backups, you also need to ensure that individual user systems and servers are restored rapidly from backups so that the productivity of an organization isn’t harmed for long. Employees should also know that they will get back the work they had done till date so that they don’t panic much. Systems should also be built to inform the customers that their data is safe in the form of backups.

Plan Ahead

It is also vital to ensure that all the members of your organization know who will be tackling the attacks. They should be able to report an incident to the right person or the company providing tech support in Orange County so that all the defences can be utilized instantly and the damage can be minimized. The time span between identifying a threat to ensuring damage control should be minimal because the maximum it is, the more damage would be done. Enterprises must ensure formal procedures exist in which employees and those responsible for managing high-priority security incidents can streamline the organization’s response to ransomware attacks, and its ability to restore services to both employees and customers.

Educate All

Considerable time, money and efforts should be spent by you or the company providing tech support in Orange County to train your staff members on how to detect malware, how often to do the regular scans, how to avoid suspicious files, etc. In a company where employees are aware, it is challenging to spread maximum damage via cyber-attacks.

Keep Abreast of Better Protective Measures

Finally, you should direct the company providing tech support in Orange County to keep looking for better protection mechanisms like advanced antivirus programs to ensure that your organization has the best possible IT protection in place. You should also remember that IT audits are done regularly to see how hiring the company providing tech support in Orange County has benefitted your organization.

Conclusion: While seeking the best company providing tech support in Orange County, you can depend on TechHeights as we offer best in class IT security and keep abreast of all IT threats and vulnerabilities. We can work diligently to prevent cyber attacks and also help your organization to get over such an attack if you have already been victimized. Apart from offering excellent IT security, some other categories of services we offer are IT Services, cloud services, and ERP & CRM services. To know us better, call us on 888 600 6070 or email us on

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10 Signs of a Perfect Employee Offering Tech Support in Orange County

10 Signs of a Perfect Employee Offering Tech Support in Orange County

Are you going to hire someone to offer tech support in Orange County? If so, you need to pause for a bit and spend some time in knowing the executive who will be assigned to serve you. Why? Because if the executive as the right knowledge, ideas and attitude, you will feel less problem in dealing with him or her on a regular basis. When judging the executive you should look for the following characteristics/ personality traits:

  1. Unflinching Respect

The executive should demonstrate unflinching respect in his/her manner and be polite all the times. It will assure you that even if you get angry due to technical errors, the tech will not get angry or abandon the job.

  1. Self Discipline

An executive offering tech support in Orange County must have enough self-discipline to get the tasks done in a right manner and within a set timeframe. It will ensure you that your organizations’ IT glitches will be resolved in a perfect and timely manner.

  1. Task Management

The executive should have knowledge of which tasks are important and which are not. It will ensure that the executive prioritizes tasks like IT security upgrade and keeps menial tasks like fixing a printer down on the priority list.

  1. Problem Solving Skills

It is vital that the person offering tech support in Orange County has the required problem-solving skills. It will ensure that the tech will help in devising multiple solutions to a problem in times of need. You can then pick the solution that you like best.

  1. Patience

In many cases, the executive offering tech support will also need to train you or your staff members on new technologies like new software. So if he/she has patience, he/she will help train even those employees who are not so tech-friendly.

  1. Focus On Customer Satisfaction

You should work with an executive who is so dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction that he/she is willing to put in extra hours whenever needed until a problem is solved as per your satisfaction. The willingness to go the extra mile is what makes a good service provider vary from an excellent one.

  1. Effective Communicator

It is also an exceptional idea to work with a provider of tech support in Orange County who can communicate technical jargon in easy terms so that you can know the exact problem even if you don’t have a technical background. Effective communication will also help you to get an instant alert on a how soon will a technical glitch be resolved that may be hampering the day to day operations.

  1. Knowledgeable

It is vital to check the educational qualifications and experience certificates of the technical support executive who is assigned to you. It will assure you that his/her knowledge level is high and he/she can understand all sorts of IT issues.

  1. Flexible Thinker

You would also benefit a lot if you hire someone who has an independent interest in technology and likes to keep up with different technologies that are coming up daily. It will ensure that your organization keeps ahead of the competition tech-wise.

  1. Logical and Creative Bent of Mind

Finally, you should ensure that the person providing you tech support in Orange County has logical and creative thinking. It will help in ensuring that the person can come up with new and better solutions for recurring problems so that they don’t happen again.



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Top 6 Challenges SMB’s Face While Seeking IT Support in Costa Mesa

Top 6 Challenges SMB’s Face While Seeking IT Support in Costa Mesa

If you own a small business and you are looking for best IT Support in Costa Mesa, you should know that the journey is not as smooth as one might think. You might face several challenges that you might never have foreseen. To help you out, we have mentioned top five challenges and their solutions for you right here.

  • Focus Alignment

The first challenge is to ensure that you find a service provider who can align itself to the shape, size and IT support needs of your business. You can meet this challenge by finding a service provider who doesn’t have to alter much to align its focus with yours. Do check his current client list to get total surety of the same.

  • No Well-Defined Processes

As most of the startups and small companies lack well-defined processes, it can throw roadblocks in front of your chosen service provider of IT support in Costa Mesa. You can deal with this challenge by ensuring that your team’s roles & responsibilities and the roles & responsibilities of service providers are well-defined.

  • Commitment Level

Many of the service providers prefer to work with giant firms only because they generate higher revenues with this association. So, it becomes a challenge to find a company offering IT services in Costa Mesa for SMB’s that values SMB clients as well. A solution to this problem is to look for a company that works only with SMBs most of the times because it’s commitment level would be very high as compared to a company that serves clients with high revenue generation better and gives you a low priority.

  • Experience Level

Some SMB’s just check the overall experience level of the service provider and then get a surprise when the provider of IT support in Costa Mesa fails to satisfy them. To avoid such a thing happening to you, you should seek a service provider that caters to SMB’s only and deftly understands the nuances of working with small businesses.

  • Security

As you often need to provide confidential information access to the service provider, you might be making yourself vulnerable to data theft. To avoid such an incident, you should ensure that the IT security of the service provider is best in class. You should also have a look at their risk management and security procedures to ensure that what action will be taken if some confidential information is compromised.

  • Reliability

Many SMB’s have reported that they hired a provider of IT support in Costa Mesa and after a few months the company closed shop and they were dumbfounded. So, when you hire a service provider (in fact when you associate with any company in general), you should get a background check done to ensure that the company has solid finances and is not planning to wind up its operations in the next few months. Taking this step might seem needless but it will ensure that you don’t have to look for another company a few months after you selected this one.


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Why Outsourced IT Support in Costa Mesa is Better than In-House Support?

Why Outsourced IT Support in Costa Mesa is Better than In-House Support?

Like many other business owners, if you are confused about whether Outsourced IT Support in Costa Mesa is good for you then you will find the right answer here. We are analyzing why outsourcing is a better option than building in-house teams and why outsourcing to a company that is situated in a third world country is not a bright idea. Have a look at all the strong points we have accumulated here and make the decision wisely.

Why is Building In-House Teams Not a Good Option?

First of all, you need to understand that why you need to trust Outsourced IT Support in Costa Mesa rather than building an in-house team for the same functions. Well, the obvious reason is that IT support is not a core function is a business so you should not spend too much time, money and effort in building it up.

Some other reasons for not building an in-house team for IT support are:

  • You will need to spend a lot of time, effort and money on locating talented employees and then luring them to work for you.
  • Even if you have found excellent employees, you will need to train them constantly so that they understand the ever changing IT needs of your company.
  • You will also need to pay compensation and many other benefits to the employees. You will also need to pay them consistently even if they are not working like when they take vacations, leaves or it’s a national holiday.
  • It is essential to provide an in-house employee a physical workspace, which can be problematic as the rents are sky high these days.
  • You will need to invest in equipment like phone, computer, copier, fax machines, internet access and pay the telecommunications costs such as inbound toll-free calls and phone line.

Now that we have analyzed why establishing an in-house team is not a good idea, let’s have a look at why Outsourced IT Support in Costa Mesa is an awesome option.

  • The expertise level of the employees would be much higher. And you can have access to various brains instead of just one.
  • You don’t need to pay any extra benefits to the IT experts who are not working in-house.
  • The cost of packages they provide is usually far lesser than the money spent on maintaining an in-house team.
  • You get to have round the clock and emergency support services. This means your technological glitches will be solved even at 3 in the morning.
  • You can get expert IT advice on upgrading your systems without spending a lot of money.
  • Conducting IT audits will become easier as experts would be on hand to do it anytime you want to get it done.
  • Awesome customer support would be rendered by the outsourcing company as they will want to retain you.
  • You can get access to customized packages in which you pay for only the services you need rather than paying for services you might never need.

Why Outsourced IT Support in Costa Mesa is better than off-shore IT Support?

You should trust Outsourced IT Support in Costa Mesa instead of trusting an outsourcing partner who has resources based in a third world country because of the following reasons:

  • There can be language and cultural differences between your staff and resources situated in other countries.
  • You can’t expect an expert to visit your site in times of emergency.
  • In many cases, the so-called experts in the third world countries would give you scripted answers instead of actually solving your problem.
  • You may not be able to get 24 by 7 support due to the time difference.

All in all, it can be said that Outsourced IT Support in Costa Mesa is way better than in-house teams and outsourcing to a third world country as you get the support you deserve without emptying your pockets. The quality and expertise level will also be beyond your expectations if you hire experts who have got real exposure to IT issues and a quick thinking mind that devises solutions in a perfect manner.

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How To Make IT Support in Costa Mesa Work Best for You

How To Make IT Support in Costa Mesa Work Best for You

If you have decided to hire the services of a company providing IT Support in Costa Mesa, you must realize that you are making an investment that would pay off nicely if you just put some effort into it. No matter how good the outsourcing provider is, it’s your responsibility to guide them and keep an eye on them to ensure that you are getting the support you deserve and paid for. Here is a list of a few tactics that will help you to ensure that IT Support in Costa Mesa is working bets for you.

  • Communicate Your Goals: The first thing you need to do after hiring an outsourcing partner is to communicate what you expect from them. If you want monthly upgrades or quarterly IT audits, you need to communicate that rather than expecting the service provider to read your mind.
  • Create a Strategic Plan: It is also advised that you have a meeting with the key people of the service provider and create a strategic plan on when and how the IT services would be delivered to you. By taking this step you are doing yourself a favor as you will just need to ensure that the plan is followed.
  • Read the Reports: A good provider of IT Support in Costa Mesa would ensure that you are sent regular reports of the work that was done for you and how successful it was. You should make the time to see whether the reports are genuine or not. You should also ensure that there is an improvement in the results like the time taken to resolve the same IT glitch is reduced over time.
  • Talk About Finances: When you are spending money to recruit a service provider, you should always expect a good return. See where your money is going and stop the wastage. For instance: If an old server is taking up the time of the IT support providers, maybe you need to buy a new server. It is also wise to keep an eye on invoices to detect any and all hidden costs.
  • Keep Communication Open: You should also remember to keep the communication lines open at all times so that if crucial decisions need to be made by IT Support in Costa Mesa, the service provider can consult you on that. For instance, if a printer needs to be replaced that would cost you extra money, you should be reachable to take a decision on whether you can afford the cost or not.
  • Involve Key People: Finally, you should remember to involve the finances and the top managerial employees on what you are paying for IT Support in Costa Mesa and what services you are getting. They might help you to make the most out of the investment by highlighting areas you are not focusing on.

For example: If the service provider is offering free training for your staff and you are not availing it yet, your managers would point out that availing it is a good idea.  

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Why Hire an IT Consulting Firm for Network Assessment?

Why Hire an IT Consulting Firm for Network Assessment?

If you wish to expand and grow your business, you need to ensure that your information technology infrastructure is able to keep up. Hiring an IT Consulting firm can be the perfect solution for growing your IT infrastructure because you don’t need to hire someone internally and just hire someone from outside for the time span you need. It saves a lot of time and money.  One thing that you might want the IT consulting expert to do is to ensure that the expert initiates a full network assessment as it’s the first step towards boosting the IT infrastructure as per expanding business needs.

What is a Network Assessment?

A network assessment is a full review of the entire state of an IT infrastructure. An IT Consulting expert in Orange County will visit you and will review the IT setup of your organization from top to bottom. The review will touch upon every single part of IT that relates to your organization. Everything from performance to security, processes to efficiency levels and even functional abilities would be reviewed in a precise manner.

The expert would also recommend the key changes you need to make if you wish to expand the IT infrastructure in line with the business growth. Maybe you need many changes, maybe you need a few tweaks, it depends on how much you invested while setting it up the first time and how much do you expect it to change now.

Network Assessments are Good for Business

It is not mandatory that you get a network assessment done only when you are thinking of expanding the business. In fact, you should make it a routine activity and get it done after every two or three years. Why? Because if you don’t, you may keep using outdated technologies and it can lead to operational inefficiencies.

Having an IT Consulting expert review the current infrastructure will let you know about the key areas of improvement. For instance, If your organization has not switched to the cloud yet because you didn’t know of the benefits of this step, it’s high time for you to do it after the consultant recommends it.

So, a network assessment is a way for you to improve your IT capabilities and boost them further. If you want, you can retain the IT Consulting expert to keep the IT infrastructure up to date while you get to concentrate on managing your business.


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