Why Outsourced IT Support in Costa Mesa is Better than In-House Support?

Why Outsourced IT Support in Costa Mesa is Better than In-House Support?

Like many other business owners, if you are confused about whether Outsourced IT Support in Costa Mesa is good for you then you will find the right answer here. We are analyzing why outsourcing is a better option than building in-house teams and why outsourcing to a company that is situated in a third world country is not a bright idea. Have a look at all the strong points we have accumulated here and make the decision wisely.

Why is Building In-House Teams Not a Good Option?

First of all, you need to understand that why you need to trust Outsourced IT Support in Costa Mesa rather than building an in-house team for the same functions. Well, the obvious reason is that IT support is not a core function is a business so you should not spend too much time, money and effort in building it up.

Some other reasons for not building an in-house team for IT support are:

  • You will need to spend a lot of time, effort and money on locating talented employees and then luring them to work for you.
  • Even if you have found excellent employees, you will need to train them constantly so that they understand the ever changing IT needs of your company.
  • You will also need to pay compensation and many other benefits to the employees. You will also need to pay them consistently even if they are not working like when they take vacations, leaves or it’s a national holiday.
  • It is essential to provide an in-house employee a physical workspace, which can be problematic as the rents are sky high these days.
  • You will need to invest in equipment like phone, computer, copier, fax machines, internet access and pay the telecommunications costs such as inbound toll-free calls and phone line.

Now that we have analyzed why establishing an in-house team is not a good idea, let’s have a look at why Outsourced IT Support in Costa Mesa is an awesome option.

  • The expertise level of the employees would be much higher. And you can have access to various brains instead of just one.
  • You don’t need to pay any extra benefits to the IT experts who are not working in-house.
  • The cost of packages they provide is usually far lesser than the money spent on maintaining an in-house team.
  • You get to have round the clock and emergency support services. This means your technological glitches will be solved even at 3 in the morning.
  • You can get expert IT advice on upgrading your systems without spending a lot of money.
  • Conducting IT audits will become easier as experts would be on hand to do it anytime you want to get it done.
  • Awesome customer support would be rendered by the outsourcing company as they will want to retain you.
  • You can get access to customized packages in which you pay for only the services you need rather than paying for services you might never need.

Why Outsourced IT Support in Costa Mesa is better than off-shore IT Support?

You should trust Outsourced IT Support in Costa Mesa instead of trusting an outsourcing partner who has resources based in a third world country because of the following reasons:

  • There can be language and cultural differences between your staff and resources situated in other countries.
  • You can’t expect an expert to visit your site in times of emergency.
  • In many cases, the so-called experts in the third world countries would give you scripted answers instead of actually solving your problem.
  • You may not be able to get 24 by 7 support due to the time difference.

All in all, it can be said that Outsourced IT Support in Costa Mesa is way better than in-house teams and outsourcing to a third world country as you get the support you deserve without emptying your pockets. The quality and expertise level will also be beyond your expectations if you hire experts who have got real exposure to IT issues and a quick thinking mind that devises solutions in a perfect manner.

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Why Hire an IT Consulting Firm for Network Assessment?

Why Hire an IT Consulting Firm for Network Assessment?

If you wish to expand and grow your business, you need to ensure that your information technology infrastructure is able to keep up. Hiring an IT Consulting firm can be the perfect solution for growing your IT infrastructure because you don’t need to hire someone internally and just hire someone from outside for the time span you need. It saves a lot of time and money.  One thing that you might want the IT consulting expert to do is to ensure that the expert initiates a full network assessment as it’s the first step towards boosting the IT infrastructure as per expanding business needs.

What is a Network Assessment?

A network assessment is a full review of the entire state of an IT infrastructure. An IT Consulting expert in Orange County will visit you and will review the IT setup of your organization from top to bottom. The review will touch upon every single part of IT that relates to your organization. Everything from performance to security, processes to efficiency levels and even functional abilities would be reviewed in a precise manner.

The expert would also recommend the key changes you need to make if you wish to expand the IT infrastructure in line with the business growth. Maybe you need many changes, maybe you need a few tweaks, it depends on how much you invested while setting it up the first time and how much do you expect it to change now.

Network Assessments are Good for Business

It is not mandatory that you get a network assessment done only when you are thinking of expanding the business. In fact, you should make it a routine activity and get it done after every two or three years. Why? Because if you don’t, you may keep using outdated technologies and it can lead to operational inefficiencies.

Having an IT Consulting expert review the current infrastructure will let you know about the key areas of improvement. For instance, If your organization has not switched to the cloud yet because you didn’t know of the benefits of this step, it’s high time for you to do it after the consultant recommends it.

So, a network assessment is a way for you to improve your IT capabilities and boost them further. If you want, you can retain the IT Consulting expert to keep the IT infrastructure up to date while you get to concentrate on managing your business.


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