Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription plans that includes access to a range of Office applications as well as other productivity services enabled over the Internet, or cloud services. Microsoft Office 365 is promoted as a great solution for organizations of all sizes. This special program is made up of cloud versions of:

• Microsoft Exchange Server
• Microsoft SharePoint
• Microsoft Lync Server

Some Office 365 subscriptions can also include access to other platforms like Microsoft Office Professional Plus and the Microsoft Office Web Apps.

This range of different products can make comprehensively covering the migration process a real challenge for the untrained worker.

The Microsoft Office 365 Migration

When migrating to Microsoft Office 365, there are a myriad factors to consider. It is well known that organizations who transition to Microsoft Office 365 can save money. However, the migration process from an established infrastructure to a cloud environment can be confusing and difficult without the right guidance and help.
Luckily, the team at Tech Heights can make the Microsoft Office 365 transition an easy one. Our team can offer a range of services that will get your organization up and running with Microsoft Office 365 in no time! Our services include:

• Setting up Office 365 subscription
• Modifying MX records
• Add additional required DNS records
• Integrating Office 365 with your existing organization
• Migrating mailboxes to Office 365 from your existing accounts
• Planning your network bandwidth requirements to ensure you are supported
• Fine tune any performance issues

Business owners understand that technology can offer a wide range of benefits that help the business grow and employees to be more productive. However, if this technology cannot be properly implemented, it offers no benefits. That is why you should turn to the team at Tech Heights to ensure your Office 365 migration is flawless, easy and quick so you and your employees can focus on the business.

Why Choose TechHeights?

TechHeights proudly offers a tradition of excellence by serving all the technology needs of our customers. We were founded with a clear focus to proactively evaluate new advances in the technology industry and successfully apply them to our client’s ever-increasing business needs. Each of our services will complement your business and help you achieve your technical objectives. Technology has offered the business world many benefits that can help businesses grow faster and be far more productive. With the help of Tech Heights, you can take full advantage of these new technologies.

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