Let’s start by talking what exactly is “the cloud” and is it mature enough to run your IT?
Computing as a service over the internet is referred as cloud computing or simply “the cloud”. In this cloud you can run your business applications and software.
Cloud services have always been there in one form or the other. The easy example would be email services offered by providers like Yahoo and Gmail. These type of services have really picked up as the internet providers are able to provide high speed internet bandwidth cost effectively to the businesses.


Here is how small business can benefit from it:
1. Applications and data is available from any connected workstation – business or home
2. Zero capital costs – No need to upgrade or buy new servers
3. No data loss if your computer breaks since the application and data are in the cloud
4. Reduction in IT staff

Reinvest your money back in your business rather than investing it in Servers and Upgrades.
Let us help you save IT costs and reinvest it back in your business… where it belongs.

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