How Safe Are Managed IT Services For Your Organization’s Safety?

How Safe Are Managed IT Services For Your Organization’s Safety?

For the last couple of years, providers offering Managed IT Services in Riverside have become prevalent among small and large businesses. After all, everyone wants a professional helping hand capable of taking care of their day-to-day IT needs. And while there are various benefits of hiring these services, one can wonder – are these Managed IT Service providers safe for their organization’s safety? Yes, they are!

Today, we are here to discuss why we think you can rely upon these experts for safety. So let’s get started!

Reasons Why Such Services Providers Are Safe For Your Organization

We cannot say that all IT service providers will be safe. But most of these are considered very professional and secure while handling an organization’s security and IT needs.

Here are some of the reasons. Read on!

  • Firstly, whenever you think an IT service provider might be unsafe for your organization, it is necessary to remember that all these MSPs have multiple cybersecurity layers. And most of the time, their security system is much more secure than the system your company is using right now. So you do not have to worry about your information being leaked to a third party or hacked.

These levels of cybersecurity include various applications, firewalls, and more for the constant monitoring and protection of important and sensitive data.

  • Data hacking, application failures, or complete network collapse can affect any organization. And the repercussions of these failures can be catastrophic. If you engage an external company to address your IT needs, they will take care of every aspect, including backing up and syncing data to ensure minimum downtime. Experts plan and implement several useful tools to help businesses recover from a malicious cyberattack and tech disaster.
  • Top-notch and upgraded technology systems help businesses achieve operational efficiencies and improved productivity. No matter the extent of your business and what computer or network system your firm uses, after some time, IT equipment will require upgrades, maintenance, and repair to ensure continuous workflow. Tech experts employ reliable, proactive solutions to keep your systems and network running at optimum levels.


While we ensure that IT services in Santa Ana will be safe for your organization, we always suggest choosing someone experienced and reliable. These factors will contribute to their professionalism and ensure that they take your organization’s safety very seriously.

We suggest checking an IT service provider’s online reputation before hiring them for the best results. Check out their social media pages, LinkedIn profile, and Google reviews. These reviews will tell you whether other customers found them safe and reliable.


Thus, we can conclude that a managed IT services provider is safe for your organization’s safety. Moreover, experienced professionals take their jobs seriously and will not disappoint you. So what are you waiting for? Outsource your company’s IT handlings today. We, TechHeights, have been in the business for many years and have helped many businesses flourish with the best IT support. Whether you need complete network installations, system maintenance & upgrades, network security & compliance, or cloud services in Orange County, we can help. Call (888) 600-6070 for a free assessment

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The 2022 Four-Step Guide For An Effective Security Assessment

The 2022 Four-Step Guide For An Effective Security Assessment

A security risk assessment is a method that recognizes threats and vulnerabilities, evaluates key assets, and enforces essential security controls in systems. This practice also focuses on preventing security flaws and vulnerabilities present within systems.

However, organizations must understand that risk assessmentsaren’t a one-time safety check. Instead, it is an ongoing process; hence having professional IT Support in Newport Beach is important to ensure things are in control.

Here is our mini four-step guide for an easy yet effective security assessment.

Step 1: Identification

Identifying all of the crucial assets within your digital infrastructure is the foremost step of your assessment process. Assets comprise of but are not limited to servers, discreet partner and client data, documents, or contact details. There is much more than simply these items. However, what’s considered to be more valuable entirely depends on the functioning principles of the respective organization.

Once you are done listing down critical and valuable assets, it’s time to review the sensitive data stored or transmitted by these assets. Again, a thorough review will help you identify the possible threats and vulnerabilities associated with these assets.

You can employ information security testing, tools, or even audit and analysis to identify such threats.

Step 2: Assessment

After Identification, an organization needs to evaluate the security risks recognized for assets. TechHeights IT Support Orange County can help you analyze what impact an incident would hold on assets due to loss or damage.

Evaluate factors like the asset’s goal, what functions depend on it, what significance the assets have within the organization, and how susceptible the information is.

Initiate the inspection process with a business impact analysis (BIA) report. The objective of this record is to specify what effect a threat could have on the organization’s digital assets. The impacts could include the loss of integrity and confidentiality.

Once you are done assessing, allocate the resources towards risk mitigation efficiently and effectively.

Step 3: Mitigation

Summarize a mitigation strategy and deploy security controls for every risk. For example, after asset review and high-risk problem area identification, set network access controls to mitigate internal threats.

Multiple organizations are turning to operate security systems like the Zero Trust method, which bears no syndicate and grants role-based user access rights.

Assess the security controls already in place or in the planning to minimize the hazard of a threat infiltrating a vulnerability. For example, digital security controls incorporate encryption, authentication, and detection solutions. Other security controls include executive and security guidelines and physical infrastructure.

Step 4: Prevention

Deploying strategies and tools to minimize the risk and deter threats and vulnerabilities in resources is the final step of our effective security assessment.

To conclude the risk assessment process, produce a risk assessment report to help management determine policies, processes, funding, etc. The report must contain risk assessment data for each threat and ways to address the vulnerabilities, impact, occurrence likelihood, and security control proposals.

Although such an assessment can be carried out by a knowledgeable in-house team, considering the fact that not all organizations tend to have expert IT support teams, it is better to outsource IT Services in Orange County.

If you are considering such services, we recommend reaching out TechHeights today for professional help!

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5 Crucial Reasons Why You Should Approach Cyber Security Consulting Company

5 Crucial Reasons Why You Should Approach Cyber Security Consulting Company

Cyberattacks, data security breaches, and ransomware have indeed become popular terms. As the world is shifting to an internet-driven landscape, the rate at which cybercrimes and breaches are carried out is extremely frightening. It is best to address these threats before they become a severe problem for your company and cost you a fortune.

Approaching an IT consulting company that specializes in cybersecurity is one way to tackle such issues efficiently. Let’s take a closer look at why approaching a cyber security provider is indispensable.

  • Safeguard your business from possible cyber attacks

The major task of consulting companies and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) is to protect business data from data breaches, malware, ransomware, and other forms of data threats. These consultants assess the susceptibility factors, draft the right action plan, and deploy optimal security solutions to safeguard business assets, including confidential business data.

Moreover, professional security experts will continuously monitor your network 24/7 to keep malware and hackers at bay. They facilitate your firm to meet government regulations and CMMC, NIST, GDPR, HIPAA compliance to help you shape your organization’s cybersecurity policies, so you stay within the compliance requirements.

Nowadays, businesses have realized that effective security protocol is a need; hence, they are hiring the right IT Services in Irvine to prevent possible cyber attacks.

  • Discover loopholes in your IT infrastructure

Your network could potentially contain security vulnerabilities that would allow hackers to enter your system. When you approach IT consultants, the first thing they will do is audit every nook and cranny of your network for loopholes and weaknesses. They will pen down their findings and craft an action plan to fix loopholes and strengthen your IT infrastructure.

  • Data backup and recovery services

Backing up data is crucial as it helps you restore data in the event of a ransomware attack and other natural or human-created disasters. IT professionals prepare instructions that you can follow to immediately resume principal business functions in case of a disaster or a malicious cyberattack.

  • To focus on your business innovation and growth

Cybersecurity consultants help you stay up to date with the latest technology so that you can deal with cyber attacks efficiently. Also, by having a proficient team on your side, you will have peace of mind and more time to concentrate on core things that matter to your business.

  • A cost-effective idea

Hiring and training a security team and maintaining the tools and technology needed to keep the system running is a very costly endeavor. Comparatively, partnering with an IT security firm costs significantly less than the annual salary for an IT security expert while having access to broader skillsets.

How to get started?

If you’re looking for expert consultants for Managed IT Services in Irvine, we ‘TechHeights’ can help! Our team can help you better safeguard your critical business assets against security threats. From remote computer and network support solutions to backup and disaster recovery services, we can deliver every solution tailored to your specific needs. To discuss your project requirements, call us on (949) 565-3530 or email

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5 Reasons to Provide Live Chat Tech Support in Orange County

5 Reasons to Provide Live Chat Tech Support in Orange County

Many organizations assume that providing live chat while offering tech support in Orange County is a choice. But we think it’s a necessity. How? Let’s take an example. Imagine walking into a grocery store and finding no support staff to help you find the stuff you need. Sounds horrible, right? In such a situation, a customer will just go to another store and the first grocery store will lose a customer. The case is the same in tech support. If the customer can’t reach a qualified person to resolve a glitch instantly, you will lose a customer.

If you are still not convinced on why offering live chat as a part of tech support in Orange County is essential then the below-mentioned points might help you.

    • Quicker Option

Live chat is a quicker option for the customer to reach you and for you to reach the customer. When you have a chat session with the customer, you can not only solve their IT glitches, but you can also sell your services to the customers. You can also get their approval to buy a service much quicker than an email because the decision-making process is quite fast when the customer is getting quick service.

    • No Wait Times

Live chat while providing tech support in Orange County is also essential because it lets your customers get the answers they need without waiting. Unlike a call, they don’t have to wait for a tech support provider to get some advice. It’s the opposite, the tech expert can resolve multiple issues at once and the time needed to solve a problem is just a few minutes.

    • One Time Deal

Customers don’t like to repeat their problem repeatedly, and while using live chat, they don’t have to. Even if a problem is not solved by one expert, the other can come in, read the issue in the chat box and offer a solution without even the need to consult the first expert. It makes your tech support in Orange County more efficient.

    • No Disturbance

A benefit of using live chat for providing tech support in Orange County is that the customer can avail it at any time of day or night without disturbing the people in his or her household (which might happen on a phone call). The email also assures no disturbance, but it’s not that quick as a customer might have to wait for 24 hours to get a response.

    • Easy Record Keeping

Finally, live chat is a useful tool for a company as well as the customer because every conversation is recorded at both ends and this conversation can be accessed if a similar problem occurs in the future. Easy record keeping also helps a company to exactly count the time taken to resolve the issue by eliminating time spent in pleasantries.

Are you aware of more cool reasons to provide live chat during tech support in Orange County? Do let us know in the comments below!

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3 Things to Do Before Phoning Tech Support in Orange County

3 Things to Do Before Phoning Tech Support in Orange County

Do you have the habit of calling an expert on tech support in Orange County regarding every little issue? Want to get rid of this habit? If so, you should learn about 3 things you should do before calling the service provider. Here you go.

    • Understand the Nature of the Problem

You should try to understand the nature of the problem by reading the error message and finding out what it means because different error codes have different meanings. For instance, if the HTTP code is in the 400s, it means that there was a problem with client request and if it’s in 500s, it means that the problem is on a remote server.

    • Learn About Its Reach

Another thing that must be done before phoning tech support in Orange County is to know whether the problem or error is showing up on all computer devices in the vicinity or just your device. If the problem is in one device, a simple solution could be changing the browser. In contrast, if the IT issue like low internet speed is plaguing almost all computing devices in the vicinity then you can try options like doing a speed test or clearing the cache.

    • Check Internet

You also need to check whether the problem is with ISP or the internet. You can use a tool like tracers that can tell you the path a data packet takes from a computer device to the endpoint like the URL of the hosted application. It can also help you to know how long each hop from router to router takes. Sometimes the time taken would be more simply because of large physical distance between routers so you shouldn’t worry about that. Hang on, you can be worried if the time increases for all future hops between one router to the other.


All in all, there are many things you can do to diagnose and solve an IT issue. Doing so will not only lessen your dependence on tech support in Orange County, but it will also save your time as you will be able to save time. Even if you can’t solve the problem yourself, the steps above will help you to gather valuable data that can be used by an expert on tech support in Orange County, so the aforementioned steps would not be a waste in most cases.

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Cyber-attacks have become a common occurrence in organizations across the world. More and more firms are becoming its victims. Even President Trump has been quoted saying that “Cyber theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States by far.” In this case study, we will have a look at how the cyber security attacks are costing billions, how the cost of cyber security will rise in the next few years and how can a company prevent these attacks by hiring tech support in Orange County.

The Cost of Ransomware

One of the most dangerous cyber-attack has been the use of Ransomware which is a malware that infects a computer device and blocks file access by a user. It also threatens of permanent data destruction unless a user pays a hefty ransom amount. This malware has been growing swiftly in the last few years.
Microsoft has stated that in 2015, the damages for Ransomware cost around USD 325 Million. Then it cost USD 1 Billion annually in 2016. And as per Cisco 2017 Annual Cyber Security Report, this malicious malware is growing at a yearly rate of 350 percent.

Case study of ransomeware Attack

Case study of Ransomware Attack

Email Spams are Increasing

In 2016, about 40 percent of spam emails had malware links to Ransomware. There was an increase of 6,000 percent when compared to 2015. In 2015, less than one percent email Spams had Ransomware.

Need for Better Security

Ransomware lets criminals monetize a breach quickly with Bitcoin. To prevent paying up the money, businesses need to improve basics like patching, and they need to make use of cognitive security tools that detect attacks with greater precision and at a faster rate. A good provider of tech support in Orange County can help in both, implementing basic security and making use of cognitive security tools.

Increasing Cost of Ransomware

Experts predict that the damage cost of Ransomware will go beyond USD 5 billion in 2017 which is 15 times more than it was in 2015. These costs include costs associated with data destruction, downtime, employee training, post attack disruption and lost productivity. Many people wrongly believe that the biggest cost associated with Ransomware is the money paid by individuals or businesses to get their data back. But the fact is the number of individuals or businesses paying a ransom is declining due to the efforts of law enforcement officials and cyber security experts. In fact, ransom payouts are now among the least of all damage cost contributors.

WannaCry Attack

Each business must hire a cyber security expert like a provider of tech support in Orange County because of the fact that the new threat, WannaCry is still at large. It is the largest attack of its kind that proved that hackers consider Ransomware a lucrative business that generates instant results. Experts believe that WannaCrypt might be responsible for about 20 percent of the total Ransomware damage costs in the year 2017.

Real Incidents

There is an increasing need to hire a cyber security team like a provider of tech support in Orange County because organizations are suffering drastically. Last year, the Locky strain of Ransomware hit the Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital in LA. The hospital had to shut down its computer devices and pay USD 17,000 as ransom. As healthcare organizations are considered as a prime target of Ransomware attacks, it is believed that they will grow four times by 2020.

Disney’s Data Destruction Danger

Another incident that was much popular recently is the data destruction danger faced by Disney as Disney CEO, Bob Iger reportedly paid a big number of Bitcoins to Ransomware hackers to recover Pirates of the Caribbean sequel. The first few episodes generated USD 3.75 billion at the box office.

Data as a Weapon

There was a time when hackers used to target only the financial information of the people. But now they are using data as a weapon and using anything that can get them money, be it healthcare data or even movies. To stop the hackers from using confidential or copyrighted data, organizations need to boost their defenses by hiring companies that offer tech support in Orange County.

A Key Tactic 

You should start making your defenses strong by training your employees on how to spot cyber attacks. A good provider of tech support in Orange County will train your employees on how to avoid spear phishing attacks as 91 percent of attacks done by sophisticated cyber criminals begin with an email. When employees know how to spot fishy emails and why not share credentials, it empowers the organization against cyber-attacks. When right training is given by the right people at the right time workforce susceptibility to phishing can decline by over 40 percent. Updates and enhancements to cyber security are other common ways of deflecting cyber-attacks.

Automation of Crime

Organizations and individuals also need to stay aware of Ransomware because it lets criminals to automate their attacks completely. Automation of crime is the worst thing that can happen to the world today as it boosts the profits of international organized crime syndicates.

The Cost Paid by Victims

It is a fact that Ransomware victims have paid over USD 25 million in ransoms over the last two years according to Google researchers. But the cost goes way beyond the dollars. A worth mentioning victim was the largest public radio station in San Francisco that was locked up by a brutal Ransomware attack. The producers were forced to depend on paper scripts and mechanical stopwatches.

The Future

A prediction made by Cyber security Ventures says that cyber-crime will cost the world excess of USD 6 trillion annually by 2021. It was just USD 3 trillion in 2015. Experts also believe that Ransomware will worsen and comprise of a larger share of the total cyber crime by the year 2021. Another report by the organization that will be out in November 2017 will provide Ransomware damage cost predictions for a 5-year period from 2017 to 2021. The global cyber security spending will go beyond USD 1 trillion from 2017 to 2021. The cyber security spending on products and services was reported to be USD 80 billion in 2016, according to Gartner. It’s unclear whether the cost includes total consumer spending on security and accounting of IoT device protection. The demand for cyber security experts like providers of tech support in Orange County is continually rising. It will reach 3.5 million by 2021. Nowadays, every IT worker needs to be involved in protecting data, devices, apps, infrastructure, and people. The demand for real experts is continually rising, a result of which is the unemployment rate of cyber security has dropped to zero percent. Microsoft estimates that by 2020, 4 billion people will be online which is a cause of worry as new technology enthusiasts are often the most preferred targets for cyber criminals. By seeing this data, we agree wholeheartedly with the statement made by Ginni Rometty, IBM’s chairman, president, and CEO. She said that cyber-crime is the greatest threat to every company in the world.

An Unexpected Threat

In June 2017, companies across about 64 nations became victims of a cyber-attack known as Petya that encrypted the hard drives of over 2,000 victims. This attack was so popular because it exploited the same security flaw that allowed the Ransomware WannaCry to infect over 300,000 PCs around the globe in May this year. It means that Petya could have been avoided if companies had worked on patching their security.



Need to Do More

This instance says that organizations across the world need to come clear on why they were targeted and which flaw was misused by the hackers. It will help in preventing future attacks. Some organizations have already opted for this route. For instance, the US Department of Health and Human services issued guidance in 2016 that directed hospitals to report Ransomware attacks. If all the organizations do the same, then the tactics adopted by the attackers can be identified, and future attacks can be prevented. But hoping for all organizations across the globe to report a threat or attack is something of a stretch. The best an organization can do is to improve its security by hiring a cyber security expert from a company providing tech support in Orange County. You should know that preventing attacks like Ransomware is not just about ticking a cyber security checklist; it’s also about ensuring that you evolve IT security strategies with time. Read on to know more on this.

How to Prevent Cyber Attacks?

As the owner or manager of a modern organization be it a profit making MNC or a small company involved in social work, you should know that ransomware is a huge risk that can be prevented only by taking a few pragmatic steps listed right here.

Identify Vulnerabilities

The first thing you need to do is to conduct a thorough review of the IT vulnerabilities of your organization. In case you don’t have an in-house expert, you can hire a provider of tech support in Orange County to do the vulnerability check. After identifying the threats, you need to ensure that the vulnerabilities are removed so that no threats can enter or harm the IT infrastructure.

Spot the Threats

After you have ensured that your IT infrastructure is as strong as it can be, you need to develop systems and practices that help in identifying the threats. You need to train all the employees to identify the threats and report something fishy to the IT experts like providers of tech support in Orange County.

Prepare for the Worst

An IT advice shared by all the experts in one voice is that you should create backups of all the data available in your organization on a regular basis. It will ensure that even if Ransomware threatens your organization, you will not lose all the data and won’t have to pay millions to the cyber criminals.

Apart from creating backups, you also need to ensure that individual user systems and servers are restored rapidly from backups so that the productivity of an organization isn’t harmed for long. Employees should also know that they will get back the work they had done till date so that they don’t panic much. Systems should also be built to inform the customers that their data is safe in the form of backups.

Plan Ahead

It is also vital to ensure that all the members of your organization know who will be tackling the attacks. They should be able to report an incident to the right person or the company providing tech support in Orange County so that all the defences can be utilized instantly and the damage can be minimized. The time span between identifying a threat to ensuring damage control should be minimal because the maximum it is, the more damage would be done. Enterprises must ensure formal procedures exist in which employees and those responsible for managing high-priority security incidents can streamline the organization’s response to ransomware attacks, and its ability to restore services to both employees and customers.

Educate All

Considerable time, money and efforts should be spent by you or the company providing tech support in Orange County to train your staff members on how to detect malware, how often to do the regular scans, how to avoid suspicious files, etc. In a company where employees are aware, it is challenging to spread maximum damage via cyber-attacks.

Keep Abreast of Better Protective Measures

Finally, you should direct the company providing tech support in Orange County to keep looking for better protection mechanisms like advanced antivirus programs to ensure that your organization has the best possible IT protection in place. You should also remember that IT audits are done regularly to see how hiring the company providing tech support in Orange County has benefitted your organization.

Conclusion: While seeking the best company providing tech support in Orange County, you can depend on TechHeights as we offer best in class IT security and keep abreast of all IT threats and vulnerabilities. We can work diligently to prevent cyber attacks and also help your organization to get over such an attack if you have already been victimized. Apart from offering excellent IT security, some other categories of services we offer are IT Services, cloud services, and ERP & CRM services. To know us better, call us on 888 600 6070 or email us on

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